Learning to Love Lunchboxes!

So the new school year has begun and parents across the land groan at the thought of making the dreaded packed lunch every day!

Not only do you have to contend with the changing tastes and whims of your little ones but these days there is even more pressure to make sure that a lunchbox provides the right nutritional balance.

Obesity, hyperactivity, nutrient deficiencies and other diet related conditions are all on the increase as we have been lured towards easy processed food options that our children seem to love. You might also have to contend with new ‘lunchbox rules’ introduced by health conscious school governing bodies.

So over this week we're giving you a start of term guide to packing a lunch that your children will love and so will your nutritionist! Today it's the basics!

A balanced lunchbox (including a snack for break time) should contain protein (and that doesn’t just mean meat!), healthy fats, starchy carbohydrates, fibre and vitamins and not forgetting something to hydrate.

The main event – something starchy with protein for energy and growth

5-a-day – fruits, veg & salad packed full of essential vitamins and minerals

Growing bones – think calcium from dairy or nuts/seeds

Snacks – balanced and healthy for a mid-morning energy/concentration boost

Drinks – to maintain concentration and help with detoxification

In our next post we'll cover what to use to take the lunch to school and then we'll give you a whole week of lunch ideas!

Til the next one...

Nicola x

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