To Squash or Not to Squash

How are those lunches coming along?

To celebrate the start of term we're continuing our guide to pack lunches. Today we're tackling how to pack your child off to school with their delicious lunch and make sure it stays delicious and doesn't end up a mixed up squashed mush!

No one wants a squashed lunch….

So you've made the perfect lunch, now what is this gastronomic delight going to be carried in?

Back in my day it was all about the plastic lunchbox with a character decorating the front, and whilst these are still available, the manufacturers have cottoned on to the need for more purpose designed options.

My current favourites are made by Sistema and aside from being BPA free are available at very reasonable prices from places such as Asda, Lakeland. John Lewis, Tesco. They even sell little dressing/sauce pots which are perfect for allowing kids to ‘build’ their own lunch. But if you take a look about you’ll find something that will work for you.

These boxes, if they don’t already contain an integrated cooling block, can be added to an insulated bag to really keep things nice and cool in warm weather. We love these from Colourful Dove, and they are available to purchase in the the Happy Tums shop!

Equally you could go for a soup thermos which will keep soups and other warm meals toasty warm until lunch - YUM!

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