Continuing our back to school packed lunch ideas we've got a whole week of lunchbox ideas to inspire you!

Remember to adjust portion sizes depending on your child’s age, and obviously substitute any ingredients that your child is intolerant/allergic to. And don’t write something off because you think your child won’t like it – many children are put off by colour/texture/look of something – so if it looks interesting you may well sneak it past them! And remember tastes change so keep trying new things. There’s also nothing wrong with a sandwich but it’s good to keep up variety.

Menu 1

Water or diluted fruit juice

Oatcakes, cherry tomatoes, peppers and hummus

Plain natural yoghurt with frozen berries

Cashew nuts & raisins

Snack - Apple & peanut butter slices

Menu 2

Water or diluted fruit juice

Build your own chicken, guacamole, pepper & cucumber wrap

Homemade carrot cake

Sliced apple

Snack – edamame beans in pods

Menu 3

Water or diluted fruit juice

Pasta salad (wholemeal and tricolor pasta) with a cream cheese, sweetcorn and tuna

Plain yoghurt with granola sprinkles

Fruit salad

Snack – plain popcorn dusted with cinnamon

Menu 4

Water or diluted fruit juice

Toasted pitta triangles with carrots and hummus

Cheese cubes and cherry tomatoes


Snack – Pecan nuts and dried fruit

Menu 5

Mini Pitta pizzas (with veggie topping)

Mini salad with chopped apples and a dressing on the side

Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries

Snack – homemade flapjack with hidden nuts & seeds

Hydration & fruit juice…

So I think we’re all aware of how important it is to keep our bodies hydrated and the same goes for children. Unfortunately there is a lot of emphasis on flavoured drinks when it comes to children and the marketing man has led us up the garden path by implying that these conveniently packaged fruit juices (insert a brand of your choice) are beneficial to health because they contain ‘real fruit’. Now I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty about all of this but safe to say water is by far the best option for hydration.

Even fresh juices should not be consumed regularly in large amounts (it’s still sugar even though it’s from a fruit!). But if you are struggling to get your kiddies to sip on water you could always try adding slices of orange, lemon, lime, cucumber or mint to the bottle or even mixing some fresh juice with water and gradually reducing the strength over the weeks. You can also try sparkling water for some extra interest. And I would advise avoiding artificial sweeteners like the plague both for adults and children – read the labels and you’ll see how often they are used in the ‘healthy’ options.

Happy hydrating! x

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