Top Tips for Packed Lunch Heaven!

We hope our guide to packedlunches has given you some ideas to tackle the daily chore with a bit more confidence.

Some final tips to keep you going through the 'what can I give them' moments;

  • Make lunchboxes at the same time you’re making dinner – without fail!

  • Print off a menu for each day to put in the lunchbox

  • Keep a record of each week’s lunches so that you have something to go back to when inspiration is lacking!

  • Sit down at a weekend with your kids and let them help design some lunches – keeping them involved makes them more likely to eat what you give them and fosters a healthy interest in good food.

  • Get your kids to rate the food in the lunchbox

  • Make it interesting – maintain variation across the week/cut food into shapes using cutters/chop up fruit and make a salad etc.

So we hope this has given you some ideas as to what to do over the coming weeks and months of packed lunch making!

Please let us know how you get on and share your ideas by posting your pictures and thoughts on the Happy Tums Facebook and Twitter pages. There may even be a prize to the most inventive (and healthy) ideas!

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