Happy Mums at Happy Tums!

The best thing about our workshops is meeting the mumsand their babies. We recently ran a workshop to teach parents the basics of healthy weaning

It was an amazing workshop with some incredible mums and adventurous babies. But even better than the workshop itself was the feedback we got from one lovely mum. It made our day. No our week! Thanks Liz. We loved working with you and your gorgeous daughter.

Liz's wise words: I'm feeling much more confident about introducing solids after the workshop! My real concern was dealing with allergies (since we have hayfever / eczema on both sides, and daddy has a nasty nut allergy) and Nicola was really helpful in talking me through how to approach allergenic foods when weaning. And I learned a lot more besides! Not just the what but the why too which is great. Thanks - the whole thing seems far less daunting.

Thanks to all our lovely mums for working with us. Looking forward to the next workshop! Book your place here.