Snack attack....

Yesterday I took at a look at a very sorry looking fruit bowl and saw a load of massively overripe bananas. Now unfortunately for me I can't stand bananas at the best of times but when they look like that it's truly gag-worthy! Now I can hear you all now 'how can you not like a lovely sweet squishy banana?'. But ever since my dearest Mummy left a banana skin on the coffee table when I was just two years old, and i promptly shoved it in my mouth, I've not been able to stomach them (and believe me I've tried!). Anyway, the small person absolutely loves anything banana and so to rid myself of this attack on my senses and to appease her constant demand for food I decided to whip up a muffin concoction.

So this is the result, some (apparently) very tasty and filling muffins made with gluten free flour, almonds and the naturally sweet bananas. I refuse to call anything with added fruit, sugar free but these are relatively low in sugar and contain the other benefits of bananas including some great prebiotics. Ground almonds can replace some of the flour in most recipes and adds a really nice flavour as well as some extra protein, calcium and healthy fats.

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