Best Bibs are by Bibetta!

Ooooh, I love alliteration at the best of time and in this blog, I will be explaining why the team at Happy Tums really do think Bibetta bibs are the best.

If you haven’t heard of Bibetta bibs – where have you been?! Bibetta have been designing, producing and selling bibs since 2004 - and they are no ordinary bib. These bibs are the brainchild of Paul Brown, a genius in our opinion – who realised that through his love of surfing, that the material used in wet-suits, would be an ideal material to use for making bibs – how cool is that?!

As Paul discovered, neoprene (the material use to make wet-suits) is naturally waterproof, stretchy and soft with a friendly feel. He also discovered that after 12 months of washing and tumble-drying the material, it was almost indestructible and stain proof! Neoprene is therefore the perfect material for keeping our little people clean and dry whilst eating.

After a lot of sweat and tears, Paul designed the Bibetta UltraBib range (thank you Paul!) and with its unique style, versatility, ease of cleaning, colour choices and durability, Bibetta bibs are a national sensation.

Nicola and I love Bibetta bibs for the very reasons mentioned above, they are so eye-catching for a start, their soft material is lovely around our babies necks, the pocket to catch any escaping food is wide and deep, and its’ soft springy material makes it so easy to scrunch up small into a bag and it doesn’t crease! I also love the designs, we love the pink butterfly UltraBib with sleeves and the bright turquoise bird design is also a winner. They make mealtimes fun and with all the funky designs to choose from and they make our children look a little bit cool when “hanging out” with their friends who, I know, have bib envy!

It is very exciting to hear that Bibetta are launching lots of new products over the next few years and further details can be found on their website

We are really honoured to be able to stock and sell the UltraBib range on our website so don’t miss out on this fantastic product, it has saved our sanity on many occasions when weaning as they really do help to combat a lot of the mess that occurs at mealtimes – and if a product can do all that, I want a bucket load please!

To get your hands on your own Bibetta UltraBib, take a look at our online shop

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