Bibetta Lunch Bag - The Big Test!

I don’t know about you but one of the things I hated most about starting weaning was the mess! Over time I’ve learnt to embrace the constant crumbs, smeary table cloth and ingrained Weetabix on the highchair but if I can find a way to make life look a little more Instagram friendly then I will.

The thought of children’s lunch boxes has always turned my tummy a little bit with the thought of half eaten sandwiches, apple cores and warm yogurt all milling about inside at the end the of lunch *gag*. So when my daughter started a Forestry Preschool earlier this year I knew I had to get prepared. Along with the all in one waterproof puddle suit and wellies I had to find a lunch bag that would cope not only with the internal mess but also the external tests like puddles, mud, mouldy leaves and bugs - you know all those delightful things that children love to make a bee line for in a forest! Now a carrier bag might have been the obvious answer but I really wanted to keep the bugs out and the cold in. No one wants a pasta salad that’s been left to get luke warm in a bag! I tried a couple of different options but none of them were completely up for this heavy duty challenge.

Now as you know we’re a huge fan of the Bibetta UltraBibs at Happy Tums and I was really pleased to find they also sell a lunch bag in the same material and patterns – bingo! I love the turquoise birds pattern so this was the one we picked and away we went to road test.

The first test was a rather muddy 3foot People Festival. And we obviously had to coordinate with a pink butterflies UltraBib! To be honest this day ended up being more of a test of insulating capabilities as it turned out to be a lovely warm summers day.

With a small lunch box ice pack Amabel’s lunch, along with a few bits for us, were kept nicely chilled. And my goodness you can fit a lot in this bag! The size/shape and the fact that the neoprene is a bit stretchy is great when you need to squeeze in just one more Babybel!

Then it was off to Preschool. Less mud but a whole lot of internal mess – apparently a 2-year-old is capable of tidying their own lunch things away?!

As you can see from the pictures below the inside of the lunch bag was pretty disgusting, not to mention the smell of banana (I hate bananas!). And if you haven’t already worked it out, banana stains a lovely shade of BLACK. Yep, work that one out?

So here came the big cleaning test. Bibetta have a helpful video on their YouTube channel which shows you the different options for washing their neoprene products …..

Now I’m all about the time save so I chose to put the bag in the washing machine. I figured that even if the stains didn’t come out I could be sure it was clean if it had been through a good 30 degree cycle with some detergent…….

But I needn’t have worried, look at how clean it came out! Almost every black banana stain was removed and it came out looking and feeling like new.

The structure and shape had been retained and it smelt lovely once again. To top it off it was dry in no time at all thanks to the ‘wet-suit’ like neoprene (you have the option of a low temp tumble dry, air drying or putting it on a radiator).

So I'm very pleased to report that I'm just as impressed with the Bibetta Lunch Bag as I am with their bibs! And for a limited time they are available with 50% off from Bibetta. Get in quick!

Bibetta kindly donated this lunch bag. However, this review is my own personal opinion on the product, given in good faith and has not be sponsored.

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