Weaning means cleaning with The Organised Mum!

It’s no secret, weaning can be a messy old business....

The mess will come at some stage, either at the beginning if you are going baby-led or bit further down the line when your baby starts to self-feed. And the research actually suggest that babies and toddlers who are allowed to get messy are less ‘fussy’ than children whose parents try to stop them playing with food.

So with this is mind we asked Gemma aka The Organised Mum, founder of The Organised Mum Method to give us her top tips on mitigating the mess when weaning. After all if anyone knows how to stay on top and manage the cleaning, it’s Gemma! If you don’t already follow her on Instagram, do it! Her stories are hilarious, and she will help get you on track with housework!

Weaning v. Cleaning by Gemma Bray (www.theorganisedmum.blog)

I LOVED weaning my babies. I love cooking, so it was a no brainer for me. I would batch cook most Sundays, it was superbly satisfying.

BUT … and this is a rather large fly in the ointment, weaning can be messy. Actually, weaning IS messy there is no getting away from it. But there are a few things you can do for damage limitation.

Here are my top tips for keeping the mess as minimal as possible when weaning!

  • I have three boys and when I weaned for the first time we bought the biggest, flashiest all singing, all dancing high chair we could find. This bad boy looked like the cockpit from The Starship Enterprise. It reclined into lots of positions, had a couple of removable trays and looked absolutely lovely and shiny in the shop. A couple of uses later it was a different story. There was lots of stuff down the crevices and all the bells and whistles were a nightmare to clean. Spag Bol stained cream straps are never a good look! So the second and third weaning experiences were different. I went out and bought a wooden high chair that was about £30 that you could HOSE DOWN in the garden. You know the type you see in restaurants? These rock!

  • Make sure you have the right armour! So you already know that will need a bib … this is weaning 101 but it is a good idea to get a bib that covers sleeves too! I really like the water proof ones that tie at the back. A bit like a painting apron. Serious mess prevention!

  • If you can, try and save the really messy stuff for just before bath time. That way you can go straight from the high chair to the bath and nothing gets in a mess in between! And if it is warm enough feed in just a nappy (your baby not you … that would just be weird!) and then you can just whip their nappy off and put them straight in the bath.

  • From very early on at the end of mealtimes, I would offer a clean damp flannel and encourage the boys to do their best efforts to wash their hands and face. This gets them in the habit and also keeps them amused while you put everything away! If you are lucky they might even clean themselves up a bit!

And finally …. a dog helps! Eddie loved the weaning phase, he was always on hand to help clean up!

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