Why choose Happy Tums?

Now I get that you probably hadn’t heard of us before we popped up on your social media, you spotted a leaflet or someone told you about us. I realise we’re not the UK’s largest charity for parents with a 60 year history. But I think there are lots of reasons as to why you should pick Happy Tums to support you through your baby’s weaning journey.

  1. All workshops are run by Registered Nutritionists. Both Nicola & Theresa have bachelor’s degrees in nutrition and are required to continue this learning to maintain their professional accreditation with both BANT and the AfN.

  2. Because of this CPD requirement we are constantly updating our knowledge in this area and making professional judgements and recommendations based upon the most current research.

  3. We have practical experience! This means we’ve been there with all our own children, we’ve pureed and prepped, cleaned more high chairs than we care to remember and know exactly what it’s like when things don’t go to plan.

  4. Nicola is an allergy expert. With a special interest in infant allergies Nicola can help guide you through the complicated process of diagnosis and reintroduction if necessary.

  5. We love food and we love to cook. We share our recipes and tips with all our parents both and workshop and via our support group.

  6. Which brings me onto the big one! We offer the original weaning support group with over 1000 members supported by us. This is exclusively for people who have attended our Weaning in a Nutshell Workshop.

  7. We will help teach and support you regardless of what route you choose to wean your baby – whether that be with purees or finger foods.

  8. We’ve got the reviews to support us. We are super proud of our reputation which has been built almost exclusively via word of mouth.

  9. If our public workshop dates don’t work for you, or you want to create your own workshop for a group of friends or family, we can accommodate this. And we’ll even come to your own house where babies can sleep and the tea and coffee are on tap!

  10. We are passionate. Nothing gives us greater joy than encouraging the next generation to develop and happy and healthy relationship with food.